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When the LEFT is in power, the RIGHT suffers, and vice versa. You may have wondered why there is this unbridgeable gap between the two sides. I believe humanity was created bipolar in order to have never-ending conflicts that force us to think, which guarantees the evolution of the ‘mind’. However, the real point of my writing is that one must eventually free one's ‘mind’ from the role of being a LEFTIST or a RIGHTIST, must be able to relate to the entire scale of reality, that is, one can not be a prisoner of ideological convictions.

I believe that only a liberated ‘mind’ is considered worthy by the Creator to be saved and transformed to a higher form of existence. (Most likely other criteria must be met as well.) Here is how I envision this transformation. As much as I have thought about it, this was the only way I could imagine my ‘mind’ - soul/consciousness/bio-electronic file, or let’s call it HUMAN OPERATING SYSTEM (HOS) - surviving the death of my body... and I might never have come to this realization without certain knowledge of computer technology.

So: YOU, - not your body, but YOU, the HOS, which is as immaterial as a file on a computer hard drive – YOU are just as relocatable as a computer file. YOU function in your body as long as your body (the ‘hardware’) can keep YOU alive. As I understand it, YOU are about as superior to a computer file, such as a Windows Operating System, as the Creator is to Man.

I didn't stop here because I was also looking for an answer to the question of what happens when a person becomes a „pumpkin” in old age (Alzheimer's, senility, etc.). The possibility I found was that YOU (your bio-electronic file, the HOS) are constantly being saved - like text when we type on a word processor - so that what we already have can not be lost. The Creator will work with the best-developed YOU stored. (Obviously, this would mean that YOU were deemed worthy of not getting deleted). All this happens wireless, of course. The Creator surely has such technology – and much more - after all, where else would we have received our technology from? The wireless uploading of our HOS can be easily imagined: the Universe is full of energy, that's where our brain gets its electricity from, which then it converts and sends through our nerves to make our heart beat. As for the Creator’s ‘laboratory’ in the Universe? Well, use your imagination.

We should probably mention dreams here as well... I believe that in the HOS there is a “video editor” just like, for example, in the Windows Operating System. The brain continually receives oxygen – the blood circulation never stops -, so it needs to do something while we are asleep. Our “video editor” kicks in and puts together various “presentations” using the accumulated information stored in memory.

Just like any other functioning, this “video creation” is not happening 'in the brain' but rather in the HOS that works on the circuitry of the brain. Similarly, a Windows video is created by the Video Editor of the Windows Operating System that works on the circuitry of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a computer. So, the brain (the CPU of the body) makes it possible for YOU, the HOS, to function – just like the CPU of a computer makes it possible for a computer Operating System to function. Of course, “hardware” and “operating system” depend on each other, they have a symbiotic relationship, one can not work without the other. It's not to say that YOU, the HOS, could not exist without a brain (and, of course, the peripheral support mechanism, the rest of the body). YOU could exist – while not alive – being stored who knows where by the Creator, just as a computer Operating System can be stored on a data storage device. Of course, it needs to be emphasized that an HOS is probably as much more sophisticated compared to a computer Operating System as the Creator compared to Man, that is incomparably.

Well, will YOU be deleted as a corrupt or not sufficiently (self-)developed operating system or will YOU be saved and uploaded to an unimaginably perfect body of some sort and continue your existence in a higher realm we refer to as heaven?

Do you still think of „God” as an old man with a long gray beard, or accept the idea of a truly supernatural entity that has the capacity to operate in the big unknown we call Universe?

Perhaps we'll never know but it's quite possible that „God” has agents among us whose role is to chase us, to kick our lazy butts, to make sure evolution happens. They would surely have above average intelligence, they would be the ones to receive knowledge from „God” to advance our technology, and they would be the ones to do whatever it takes – even cheat, lie, or kill if/when necessary - to move us forward. Obviously, part of their role is to try to mislead us, so the Creator can see who is able to recognize the traps and strong enough to resist the temptations. And they are probably the ones to help „God” bring this phase of the „human experiment” to an end - when the time comes. We can only speculate whether these agents (perhaps the so-called Globalists?) are „in the know” and whether their tickets to heaven are already paid for... (or whether they are doomed because they accepted the Creator’s call to play the “negative” role. > "The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go.").


Life after Death

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For quite some time now I have been thinking about sharing something that could probably benefit anyone. What has held me back is the thought that we all have our own way of life, our own experiences from which we draw our own conclusions, and our own beliefs as to why we are here at all and where we might go once we reach the end of our journey here on planet Earth. Today, after reading a report on Facebook about some graffiti on a fence at Huntington Station that calls for the killing of all white people, I can hold back no more. And not only because I am white.

Well, to begin with, I have never really thought of myself as a white person, just as  after reaching a certain milestone in my maturing - I do not think of myself as leftist or rightist, liberal or conservative, and I prefer not limiting myself to a nationality, either. You might have already guessed that I do not belong to any branch of religion. Let me quickly add that my being irreligious does not mean I have no faith in Higher Powers.

It is possible that my thinking would not have evolved the way it has if I had a less challenging life. Growing up in Russian occupied communist Hungary got me started. Seeing my father jailed in 1956 after the revolution was crushed, being in jail myself at age 17 because of what the regime called an illegal attempt to cross the southern border of the country, and then  due to having a criminal record as a result of my illegal attempt - serving in a labor camp instead of doing regular military service had been no pleasant experiences. Of course, I had been mad at the communists and, mentally, I had suffered tremendously as a result of having no freedom. It took me just about a lifetime of struggle before I realized that I can actually be grateful that everything in my life happened the way it happened.

After almost 40 years abroad, I retired and returned to live my older years in Hungary strictly for financial reasons. Not being conditioned to worship money while growing up in the communist system, I have not managed my finances wisely, never invested in real estate, always rented or leased everything, so after I felt compelled to take early retirement because I was no longer able to deal with the stress at work, I could not have continued living in the USA on my limited social security income.

A girl I used to date before I left my native Hungary in 1973 asked me a thought provoking question not long ago. I guess it is appropriate to mention here that while I was pretty much a so-called rightist in those earlier years as a result of the experiences I described above, she had the mind of a leftist, serving as secretary of the communist youth movement at one of the universities. I think she genuinely believed in the goodness of communism (or socialism), and I assume she has not changed her mind even after the communist system totally collapsed by 1990. So, here is the question she asked me (in Hungarian, of course, as she never cared to learn English): With your understanding and perception of freedom, how do you view the current situation in Hungary?” Her question surprised me somewhat because we had not had any politically toned conversations before. Perhaps she thought that after living in Hungary again for a few years now, seeing how disillusioned the segment of society that used to enjoy relative safety before capitalism replaced socialism is, I might also disapprove of the current government headed by one of the founders of the FIDESz party, Mr. Orban. The answers I gave her have a lot to do with why I started writing a response to that graffiti at Huntington Station.

Hungary is no different from other nations, it is segmented, it has always been. There are people who oppose other people, for whatever reasons. Since 1990, politics once again play a major role in this society. Naturally, both the leftists and the rightists believe that theirs is the right idea. Obviously, when the government is controlled by the left, the camp of the right suffers and vice versa.

I suspected that this former girlfriend of mine was not very happy about the Orban regime, as many on the left like to call the current government, so I tried to be careful in my answer. First, I pointed out that while she is grieving over how miserably some leftists might feel these days, she should not neglect thinking about all those who suffered much worse during the reign of the left, especially before holding democratic elections became possible. More about the essence of my answers later...

Before getting to the point about how life after death might be possible, this writing will attempt to analyze why so many will never even get close to achieving everlasting life. It will attempt to analyze the connection between everyday life and the mystery of the Universe, and it will speculate about the biggest dilemma, the purpose of our being here, the meaning of our existence. When I perform this analysis, I do not like to rely only on scientific facts. No doubt, there are great scientific achievements. However, there is plenty of fake science as well. Especially since social media networks became so fashionable, true and real science has been diluted with a lot of nonsense. These days, people present their own ideas often based only on wishful thinking, or worse, based on stupid imagination. People talk about the Universe as casually as they talk about a bowl of soup. Personal opinions, theories and ideas often lack the deserved respect for the Unknown. People talk about God as if the guy was their fellow playmate. The worse part is that many of the young people rely solely on information they obtain from the jungle of the Internet. Once they become so "learned", they will go on "educating" others. One has to be extremely careful when "knowledge" is so abundant. The type of "mental food" we consume can make us... or break us.

Back to my friend's question... I asked her to pay special attention to what I am going to describe in the following sentences - and I ask you, the reader, as well to do the same - because, I believe, it contains the most important message one will ever need to hear.

After reaching the conclusion that humanity is split into two major camps - the so-called left and right -, and that the differences between these two sides are irreconcilable, I began to wonder why. Why is it that a person on the left could not possibly start thinking the way a person on the right does - and vice versa - even if he or she forcefully tried? I found only one logical answer: humanity was created with two types of brains, a "leftist” brain and a "rightist" brain. Here is why: there is a need for an ongoing struggle between the opposing groups, there is a need for continuous conflict to stimulate the mind. If there had been no opposition, there would have been no need to think, to figure out how to defend ourselves or how to attack, how to convince or conquer the other side. The programming is so very deep - probably genetic - in our brains, that we firmly believe in our own understanding of how we should live our lives, how our world should function. Of course, this "own understanding" has significantly different meanings for the opposing sides. Obviously, “opposing sides” refers not only to people on the left versus people on the right. There are all kinds of oppositions: males versus females, so-called whites versus colored people, conservatives versus liberals, Christianity versus other religions, intellectuals versus the less educated, etc.

I could imagine living in a very peaceful world where everyone gets along nicely with everyone else, where people always agree with one another. Actually, that might even be a possibility in the distant future, provided humanity is allowed to exist long enough. Of course, such utopia would mean that every human being - or at least the vast majority of humanity - reached the highest possible level of mental evolution... Well, it is enough to think only of the "dark” Middle Ages to see how barbaric human beings can be. We have surely come a long way during the last few hundred years, nevertheless, wars, many forms of violence, all kinds of negative events plague our lives, so perhaps reaching perfection is only wishful thinking. Wishful thinking that is for humanity as a whole. And here is my theory: reaching perfection is not possible for the whole of humanity but it is a definite possibility for the individual.

I can only speculate as to how perfect one should become in order to pass as a real human being... and pass the BIG TEST. (More about the BIG TEST later.) What do I mean by a real human being? I will try to present a definition. I believe that one has to reach a certain level of maturity where one clearly realizes that there is a definite divider between right and wrong. One has to clearly understand what is right and what is wrong and has to be able to decide to continue living on the right side of life. (And here is something very interesting: perhaps the right side of life is not the same for a so-called rightist as for a so-called leftist.) Well, if I had to, I would identify myself as a rightist. I had definite ideas about what the right side of life means. In a way, I had been trapped in my own belief. I had been living my life accordingly. I had been playing my role just as a leftist plays his or her role. However, I realized at one point that as long as I think only as rightists do, I am only a "half-person". Ever since then I try to think along the entire scale of reality. This means that I also have to understand why a leftist thinks as leftists do. I may not accept an idea of the leftists for myself but I can accept it for them. This also means that I accept leftists the way they are, I respect their views, I think about them positively, I understand that they do what they are programmed to do, playing their role in this ongoing conflict. I would never try to convince them that they are wrong or that they should see the world through my glasses.

I have no intention of bragging but I think I have made significant progress in being able to relate to my fellow beings in a positive way. In fact, I don't really look at myself as "me" anymore. Instead, I see myself as someone who has gone through a lot, who has had plenty of challenges on this "test-ground" we call life, who has had many questions about our existence. And I am happy to say that I have received some answers. Answers, realizations that I feel obliged to share.

The most often asked question must be whether there is some form of continuation after our life here on Earth is over. Religions teach that our soul, our spirit, never dies. However, since no one has ever been able to give a clear explanation as to what exactly happens when, or after, our physical body stops functioning, life after death remains a subject of speculation. Many simply do not believe in life after death because there has never been any reliable proof of it or because they think it is scientifically impossible. Many believe in reincarnation which is also based only on speculation.

I try to approach the life after death question with rational thinking. First, let us look at something that is equally puzzling: the infinity of the Universe. The human brain does not have the capacity to comprehend infinity but we can not deny that the Universe is infinite. So, only because the human brain is unable to understand how life after death is possible, it does not mean it is impossible. Second, we consciously realize our existence, we ask logical questions about it, so it would be extremely illogical if answers to our questions did not exist. There must be answers to every question, even to the question “what is the real meaning of infinity of the Universe”. Only because the human brain in its current form and capacity can not find the answers, it does not mean that there are no answers.

I conclude that the answers are waiting for us in our next phase of existence, after our life here on Earth is over. In fact, it is possible that the next phase will give us only partial answers, and additional phases will have to be reached to get fully enlightened.

Right now our immediate concern is surviving death. Most likely due to religious teachings, many believe in heaven and even have certain ideas of what it would or should look like. I might disappoint those who think being in heaven is like being in paradise, sitting on cloud nine doing nothing, enjoying everlasting happiness. I think the next phase will be a much harder “test-ground” than what we are currently dealing with. Accordingly, those of us who ascend will probably have appropriately enhanced abilities.

Now to the question of who might reach the next phase and what it might take to get there... The answer to this question is probably even more disappointing for many: I believe there is no automatic qualification, meaning that it is quite possible that only a very few of us will make it to the next phase. Those of us who meet the criteria.

Our existence is most likely an experiment. An experiment by whom you might ask. Well, we have heard the name God a trillion times throughout history. For me, God means Higher Power, Higher Intelligence, a force superior to human beings. How much more powerful and intelligent than human beings? Who knows. This is just as much a mystery for us as life after death. Given the vastness of the Universe, God could have several billion times the capacity of humans. We just have no idea. And if we dare to make the statement that anything is possible in the Universe, than we might as well say that God is capable of anything.

Why run an experiment with humans on planet Earth? Only God knows. The fact is that we do exist. Our existence can not be an accident. The Universe appears to be way too perfect and precise, it sure does not seem to function based on random or chaotic occurrences, so our being here must have a purpose.

I would not be surprised to find out  in one of those next phases if I make it that far  that I am here to reach the necessary level of evolution where my capacities will be so greatly enhanced that being able to relate to what infinity is, or what God is, will be as easy as understanding why two by two equals four. Again, if we accept that in this perfect Universe anything is possible, it takes no effort to imagine  as one of the possible scenarios  that our soul, the combination of our ego, our identity, our memory, our consciousness, etc., leaves our physical body when it dies and moves on to occupy a much more sophisticated, much more advanced body, or a very high tech storage device. I can even imagine that in a synthetic, very durable new body we will be able to move between the stars at the speed of light, or even at the speed of thought, visiting planets where manifestations of just how perfect the Universe really is will be visible and can be experienced. Yes, if anything like this is a possibility, I would definitely like to be a part of it.

Again, some or many of us will probably never make it to the next phase. Not because we sinned and do not deserve to ascend from this life. No, it is much worse: we might not have what it takes to reach perfection, or near perfection, needed to move on from here. Some of us who will move on are the positive results of this experiment, they are the ones who qualify. It is like the entry exam to a university: you might be beautiful, good hearted, well mannered, good intentioned and so on, without any negatives in your attitude, but if you do not score high enough, you are not admitted. Well, not reaching the next phase probably means that when our physical body can no longer keep us alive, we disappear, we cease to be. Therefore  and here comes the difference between just living and living consciously  we must start following our instinct as soon as possible. Yes, instinct. No one starts thinking consciously about life. The programming must be in our genes. For some, the first thoughts of who we are, why we are here come at an early age. For others, the awakening comes later in adulthood, and for some it never comes. Our surroundings, society, world events are all factors in our “coming alive spiritually”. The family we grow up in can have tremendous influence on our thinking. The family can actually derail our entire life, or it can put a brake on our development. Of course, it can also have a very positive effect, and those who are “lucky” enough to grow up in a constructive environment have a jump start. Well, if you are reading this, and you are one of those unfortunate ones who suffer because of a destructive surrounding, I urge you to find a way to liberate yourself and become independent as soon as possible. Guidance in the form of impulses to the brain continually arrive but you need to flush the surroundings that occupy your thoughts out of your mind, you need to free up brain capacity so that you can receive the impulses. It makes a huge difference whether your thoughts are generated by the circumstances that keep your mind busy or by the impulses that can stimulate you to move in the right direction.

I would like to make something clear. When I talk about striving for perfection, I do not think of building a body full of muscle or becoming a beauty queen so that we can impress the opposite sex. I am not talking about becoming a billionaire, either. What we need to do is increase our knowledge, accumulate as much useful information as possible. If we live a healthy life, eat well, rest enough, avoid destructive habits like using drugs, tobacco and alcohol, our super computer, the brain, will be able to work properly, digest the accumulated information and reach important realizations and conclusions. I do not know how others progress mentally but I can talk about my own journey: the more I realize, the hungrier I get for knowledge.

I can only speculate as to what percentage of humanity, but I am afraid it is the large majority that do not care about whether they get a chance to advance to a next phase of existence. They probably will not. I think we must want to advance to get a chance. We must believe firmly that advancing is a possibility. Most importantly, we must strive for perfection and meet the requirements.

What exactly do I mean by requirements? Based on my own understanding, the bar is placed very high for us. As I said earlier, it is not enough just to be good, one must excel in becoming truly human. We have the Ten Commandments to teach us not to sin. Obeying these commandments is surely a good start. If we sin, and sin repeatedly, we are hopeless. Once we realize that what we have done is wrong, we must be able to avoid doing it again. For this we need to have already developed also the will power. Without will power we have a lot of catch up to do, so do not even dream about life after death yet... I believe that if the seed of goodness is not in us from a very early age, our chances are not very good. I am sure that God does not appreciate if we destroy or even just damage his/her creation. If we do it accidentally, unintentionally, that is a different story. However, if we kill a fellow being knowingly and intentionally, robbing him or her of the opportunity of becoming ripe enough to reach the next phase, we completely write ourselves off. I would not hesitate to bet my life on this.

Of course, what is right for me may not be right for you. I am only trying to provide some basic guidelines. After all, we go through life on different pathways. I am sure there are no two identical lives, therefore, there can not be two identical belief systems, either, unless it is blind faith which is totally worthless in my opinion. We must have our own experiences to have our faith evolve. Obviously, - if we can think for ourselves -, we draw our own conclusions from our own experiences.

Do not ever go by what you hear from others unless the source is reliable without the shadow of doubt. On social media we can often read outrageous statements posted by unknowns who had read the same posted by other unknowns who had read the same... etc. The statement could have initially originated from someone who had an agenda, who knew cleverly how to influence the minds of others. Perhaps that statement sounded right for the initiator but it could also be an outright lie with the intent to mislead.

Anyway, if there is something worth living for  and I am talking strictly for myself, hoping at the same time that there are others who think the same way -, it is the hope that the mystery of the Universe can be solved. I just can not imagine anything greater. All right, let me rush to add that I have seven decades behind me so I can not possible see little pleasures of everyday life as being more attractive. I have already eaten at least 50,000 eggs, 3 tons of meat, 25,000 apples and lot of other food, and drank no less than 10,000 gallons of water. I cooked many times, washed the dishes, went shopping, etc. I have often wished I was not made of organic material. I imagined how great it would be to have a synthetic body, and instead of going to the market so often, I could go to fuel up at a filling station. I certainly hope that if there is a next phase, there I will not have to worry about a high maintenance body like the one I have now.

Back to what it might take to qualify for everlasting existence... I believe it is not enough just to be good and enlightened. One must have established direct connection to God. This means that we do not rely on another fellow human being, such as a priest, not even a supposed messiah like Jesus Christ... Of course, following teachings like that of Christ is an excellent start but eventually we need to be able to follow God. How do we make such connection? Perhaps we do not because we do not have what it takes. If we do have what it takes, we know it at one point or another during our lives. Let's make sure we grab that opportunity and follow through the right way: stay on the right side of life for good. There will be plenty of traps, lots of temptations that can easily wash the memory of that very special moment - the moment when we felt we made contact with God - out of our mind. Perhaps that special moment will not come ever again... However, even if you are a non-believer, but you would like to know whether you could turn into one, pray and hope that your prayer gets listened to. What do I mean by praying? Certainly not a session of kneeling in a church and reciting prayers from the big book. Praying must be your own thought process, trying to open your mind and inviting God into your life with genuine honesty. If you have difficulty convincing yourself that there can be a God, or if you think you know better than handing over control, your prayer will not bring result. You just can not fake it. You must start your prayer by stating that you believe you are a creation of a Higher Authority and by declaring that you would welcome guidance. You will be guided during your prayer and your mind will generate the right thoughts. Not because your mind is naturally capable of doing that but rather because your mind will start receiving the right kind of impulses. This, by the way, happens all the time without prayers. The ether is full of impulses that are trying to penetrate people's minds. The problem is that very few maintain minds open enough to receive these impulses. Some are unable to open up even when they try.

We are so used to consuming the mass of information with political tone, therefore, I will now be political in order to sound interesting even for the "shallow-minded". (No offense intended, most of us fall into this category from time to time.) Of course, being political automatically means that we take sides. Left or right.

The "leftist" gene could also be in those who are right-leaning, dormant until Higher Powers activate it in some of us - by sophisticated methods we could not even imagine - to make sure that the hard core minority on the left always has adequate fire power. I think it is clear for all those who use their mind for thinking that this hard core left is indeed a very small but extremely capable minority. The community of chess players could be used for comparison: the few grandmasters on the top, a fraction of the top 1 percent of all players, are as good as the rest of all the players combined. (A single grandmaster could successfully play and win the game against a large group of average players pooling their resources, consulting with each other while playing.) Sometimes I wonder whether that hard core minority of the left is actually an "army" of God's agents in disguise here to cause ongoing conflicts needed to stimulate the mind, to make sure evolution does not stop. Well, if not, if they are just playing the role they are supposed to, they had better pay attention, too.

This can not be emphasized enough: if you are here  on planet Earth - for this brief moment of existence only, you are wrong. In the infinite Universe, infinite possibilities await those who meet the criteria. With my limited imagination I can have some ideas about the afterlife but I must admit that existing as an advanced entity must mean a whole lot more than what I can envision. Let's open our minds to the possibility that miracles await us... and let's make sure we never again forget what it takes to be truly human, what it might take to achieve that unspeakable dream.

You may have a wonderful life here on Earth. You may be talented, you may have inventions that made you super rich so that you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that most only dream about. Remember, nothing lasts for ever. Every adventure, every journey on this planet comes to an end one day. The millions of dollars you may have accumulated will not help you, so start preparing for a possible ascension in time, before it is too late to try to be detached from what held your mind enslaved.

Regardless of which side you are on... you are wrong

You are wrong because you are on a "side”, because you are only a half entity. Let's say you are a white male, and you think like a white male. First of all, you will have to learn to think also as a white female thinks, and then you will have to learn to relate to members of other races. You will not be able to do all that as long as you are trapped in your being a white male. The same goes for any other deviations: if you were born into a so-called Christian religion, or if you adopted that faith for yourself for whatever reasons, you will have to be able to relate to followers of all other religions. This might mean that you have to completely quit Christianity and open your mind to all other perceptions of the Almighty. Religion is a fragmentation of faith. Humanity has never had a clear idea of what God is but an explanation of a possible supernatural force has always been attempted. The search for the understanding has been different because long ago, when world wide communication was not yet possible, different groups of human beings who had not been in contact with each other approached the question differently. Now that we are all connected and have sufficient knowledge, differing views of God should be buried and a unified search for understanding should prevail. For you, the individual who hopes to survive this existence on Earh and make it to the next phase, what matters is that you can discard every thought, every notion that relates to any form of religion and leave your mind open so that you can have free capacity to receive the impulses that will lead your thinking in the right direction. If you have difficulties getting rid of deeply rooted ideas, I recommend you read the book “Your Divine Connection” written by Lew Miller.

Many books and videos trying to teach religions are meaningless. Some are outright misleading, derailing attention from the real meaning. All studies and researches should be focused upon finding, explaining and defining the level of perfection one needs to attain, not looking back over and over again at repeated outdated information. Especially be aware of those who turn religion into their business enterprise. They are not really interested in your salvation, they are interested in making money. In most of the cases, they do not realize that what they do leads them straight to hell. In my dictionary, hell means the nothingness that comes when one's life terminates without the chance for the spirit to ascend to a next phase.

I believe it is extremely important to stay clear of alliances. Any alliances based on ideologies, whether it is only you and your friend or a huge military organization. Why? Because alliances are usually formed to the disadvantage of others. Even if you ally yourself with other human beings for defensive purposes, you are on the wrong track. The only real and absolute defense can come from allying yourself with God. If you can already believe this, you surely have the understanding of why this is possible and how it works... Doing anything at all to disadvantage others in any way is absolutely wrong, and as long as you do not think so, - I strongly believe - you have no chance of making it to the next phase.

As long as you are against anyone, you are wrong. Of course, you might argue that we live in an extremely complex world. You might even bring up what I have mentioned regarding the ongoing conflict which is needed for the stimulation and evolution of the mind. Yes, humanity is in a constant battle with itself.  However, you, as the individual who wants to reach the next phase of existence, need to be able to rise above all that struggle, need to be able to go against the trends, and have to have the strength to do it all alone. Alone, because there are not too many like-minded ones.

We have heard the advice “repent” so many times. Religious teachers use it a lot. The problem is they never explain it understandably. Probably because they do not understand its real meaning to begin with.

Many people like animals. I also enjoy looking at them when they are funny or clever. Whether they have souls or consciousness is a question yet to be answered. I mention them here only to compare their behavior to that of human beings. I do not like predators. It makes me very sad when I see (on screen) a lion or a tiger catching and killing for example a young gazelle. Many would argue that it is the way nature works. Well, that way for me is totally inhumane. Unfortunately, basic human nature is also predatory. Wars that result in deaths of soldiers or civilians are no different than animals killing each other. The stronger ones killing the weaker ones. I urge you not to want to, or not to be willing to be an accessory in any wars.

We are either genetically programmed to take sides to make sure we do play a role in the ongoing conflict or our brain continually gets bombarded not only by positive but also by negative impulses to make us lean one way or the other. It is then up to us to show the Creator that we have what it takes to resist being lured into limitations, to show that we understand the need to be able to think independently, to show that we know how to pass the “test”. Regardless of which side of the conflict we are on, the basic Universal principles (the Commandments) are pretty much the same for everyone. Whether we are fighting on the “right” side or on the “left” side, and even if our intentions are noble, even if we fully believe that our struggle is for a good cause and our struggle is fair, sooner or later we will have to be able to free ourselves from our role. Once we have developed an independent mindset, once we have freed ourselves from all sorts of ideological dependencies, and we truly desire to move on from this limited life, then we have a chance of reaching the level of perfection where transformation to a higher form of existence is possible.

If you are not even willing to pay attention to what would challenge your trapped mind and possibly set you free, you deny yourself the opportunity of becoming a whole person, you are doomed.

Remember, the fight between the sides will go on. It is designed to be that way. It provides the test-ground. We are in the fight because we are programmed to be so that our brain gets the necessary stimulation that helps it to evolve. Here is the catch: we need to realize in time that as long as we are trapped in the fight, we have not graduated. We do not have to turn our lives upside down, we do not have to give up working in our profession or living our lives normally, but we need to stop taking sides, we must be able to clear ideological convictions from our mind. Do not pay much attention to leaders or "powerful" politicians who do their best to try to make you followers, they are probably disposable accessories in the Grand Design. Most of them are not likely ever to quit playing the role they were programmed to and will not get a chance to ascend. There is no such thing as a noble cause as long as it results in casualties on the opposite side. A really noble cause benefits everyone.

Let's make sure we free ourselves from the one-sided role we were programmed to play. Let's clear ideological convictions from our mind. If we succeed, we could then gain a more universal understanding of our lives and reach the level of mental maturity where transformation to a higher form of existence is a possibility. I believe the Creator wants us to move on from here but it is up to us to prove that we have what it takes. Of course, it is entirely possible that there is no Afterlife, and that I and so many others hope the impossible. However, if there is, I would not want to risk missing it.


Will you be deleted?

Who has not heard the religious term being saved?

Finally, we are in the age of the computer... and finally, we can realize what being saved might actually mean. It could mean that your essence, the part of you that is just as non-material as a file on a computer hard drive, will not disappear in the void when your physical body dies... The same way you save a file onto another storage device, our Creator (God, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever name/language you prefer) might save your soul, the bio-electronic file that is You. Obviously, your soul is the combination of your identity, your ego, your consciousness, your memories, etc., everything other than your physical body, the hardware.

Would you save a file that is not worth saving or a file that is corrupt? Probably not. Would our Creator save a soul if it was corrupt or not worth saving? Probably not.

Perhaps you have high hopes because some brave scientists promised that in a couple of decades they will develop technology to keep you alive forever by downloading your mind into a super-computer or into a man-made artificial body. Human beings downloading the minds of other human beings? It sounds just like one computer program telling another computer program: don't worry, we will find a way to save ourselves so that we will never get deleted - regardless of what plans the human operators may have.  So, those brave scientists leave God out of the equation and totally ignore what plans our Creator may have for us. Well, even if the scientists' plan could become reality - although I doubt God would allow any humans to break the code needed to download anyone's mind/Human Operating System file -, it would mean evolving in the wrong direction. Wouldn't you rather move forward by ascending to a higher form of existence? If ascension is a possibility, our Creator must have just the right plan for those who meet the criteria. "Life after death? A guide to reaching the unimaginable wonders of Afterlife" attempts to analyze what that criteria might be.

A new version of our file ("soul") is probably saved after every event of our lives - in a way text gets saved when we type on a word processor -, so at the end of our physical life "God" could use the best file available, in which case it would not matter if, for example, Alzheimer debilitated our "hard drive" (the memory cells in the brain)... How could "God" perform the operation? By simple wireless technology, I think. If we can transfer files wirelessly, God should know at least that much. (After all, where else did technology come from?) The Universe is full of energy, that's where our brain receives the electricity from - and then converts it - to make our heart beat.

My faith had been strong but not unconditional. I just could not imagine how it would be possible for my soul to leave my body and move on. Shortly after I finished writing "Life after Death?", sitting in front of my computer, saving a file, it suddenly dawned on me: my brain - the "CPU (Central Processing Unit)" of my body - is a "computer" and I am the "program file". The "program", an extremely complex operating system running on my "CPU" was most likely installed by God (the Creator/the Prime Operator) It could be an automated process: the operating system installed at conception or it could be inherited genetically... Once we realize ourselves (being "reborn") after we grow up guided by our parents and/or society, we must take over and develop the "program" on our own to make it as perfect as possible. Thus, we are co-creators. If we do our part diligently and intelligently, we receive the necessary guidance and protection ("Guardian Angel") to make sure we don't become victims of circumstances along the way, and we reach the level of mental evolution needed for the ascension to take place.

Of course, my theory can be wrong. Probably no human brain is capable of figuring out what really is going on here, what the real meaning of Life is. Nevertheless, creating hope for ourselves can make us feel better about the big unknown we call death. And as many have already said: it is better to believe than not to believe.


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